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What's more scary for you when you think of getting tested for HIV, is it the nosy nurses at the hospital, the mind-boggling suspense that heralds the possible result or the judgemental stares from other random people in the waiting room? Whatever it is, your concerns are valid and we absolutely understand. It is commonplace to see crowded hospitals and clinics, impatient lab technicians reading out your results, dramatic doctors when they want to reveal your HIV status and other things that make people rethink their decisions to get HIV test conducted so it's easy to walk around claiming HIV negative by faith. We will be telling you better ways to go around sensitive medical tests such as this.

What is the meaning of HIV?

HIV means Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is a virus that attacks the immune system of human beings. How is HIV transmitted? The HIV virus is contracted and transmitted primarily through contact with an infected blood. This can happen through: 1. Sexual intercourse 2. Blood transfusion 3. Sharing of and getting cut by sharp objects used by an infected person. While HIV drugs are available in designated HIV Screening locations in Nigeria, over 100 thousand cases of people infected with HIV virus are recorded annually in the country. Everyone requires medical diagnosis from time to time to be absolutely safe.

Benefits of Conducting HIV Test

We know the decision to know your HIV status or walking into any HIV testing centre in Nigeria to get tested regularly is not an easy one to make especially if you are sexually active and careless with multiple partners. However, it is expedient to hold this information close to heart for the following benefits: • Knowing your HIV status is ideal and helps you make informed decisions and keep yourself and partner(s) safe. • Like the popular saying "AIDS no dey show for face". Early HIV testing and detection improves your chances of survival, helps you adjust to your new normal and live better generally through lifestyle changes. • Early diagnosis saves you cost of future treatments when the effect of the virus worsens in your system. • Getting HIV screening gives you the opportunity to meet people who can guide and help you if the results turn out positive. By now, we all know that symptoms of HIV infection or the full fledged disease is not a death sentence as there are more fatal medical conditions plaguing millions of people globally. Many people live out their complete lifespan with the disease. So, you should definitely get tested and here's how we can help.

Where to conduct HIV Screening in Nigeria

Wondering where HIV testing centres in Nigeria are located or need to conduct the test and get the result speedily from a HIV testing laboratory near you? We have just the answer for you. Checkup Laboratory is where you should have your all medical tests done especially this one. Apart from the high level of professionalism and confidentiality with which we handle medical tests in Nigeria, we offer home medical service options. This means if you employ our services; we: • Send down an expert from our HIV testing centre right in checkup Laboratory to your home or office to get blood sample for HIV test. • Carry out testing and have your HIV test results available within the shortest period. • Deliver the results to your phone via email. No hassle, no crowd. Everything happens at the comfort of your home. We do all the work and no matter the result, we can help walk you through it. We also deliver your anti-retroviral drugs directly to you wherever you may be located, no one has to know. Checkup Laboratory is your best bet to a HIV stigma-free life and fastest test laboratory in Nigeria.


HIV testing is necessary for everyone and the nearest HIV screening Center to you is because we can be assessed right from you phone. There is absolutely no need for the scare, simply give us a call.

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