Checkup laboratory is your convenient way to medical tests, offering quality laboratory services including corporate medical screenings, domestic staff screening, medical outreaches/screenings, and diagnostic support services, with a platform for booking for tests online.

Established in 2019, is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing medical laboratories that thrive on modern technologies and scientific breakthroughs. We are the average citizen’s top choice and one-stop location when they wish to run any medical tests. Backed up by decades of experience in the health sector and a team of highly trained professionals and scientists, offers premium medical services ranging from running a great number of tests, procuring and delivering patient’s drugs to them to partnering with prominent health facilities across the country to meet patients health needs, consultancy and  a lot more.   

It is no news that a lot of issues are currently plaguing the nation’s health sector, chief among them are inadequate facilities, lack of professionals to handle cases, poorly equipped hospitals and a vast majority of ignorant masses who would rather self-medicate than visit a doctor. The reasons offered for the latter include exorbitant medical charges and inaccessible medical facilities. It is for these dual reasons that Laboratory was birthed. Fueled by the passion to offer affordable healthcare services that cut across all economic classes in the country; Checkup laboratory goes a step further to make these professional medical services available and accessible by bringing them to the doorstep of those who seek it. is set up to serve people from all walks of life regardless of their schedule or health budget. There is a health plan and checkup service to suit all pocket sizes. We are committed to helping people meet their health goals. Our tests and medical screening results are extremely reliable as we utilize state-of-the-art technologies to run and verify tests before sending patients or affiliate medical outfits. Laboratory combines conventional medical practice with telemedicine and our digital platforms to make our testing services fast and the results available at an even faster pace. Using our various personalized diagnostic facility and our website plus optimized mobile application; we are ready round the clock to attend to our rich arrays of clients and also present right on their phones in the comfort of their homes or offices. It does not get better than this! In the few years since we started operation, Checkup Laboratory has amassed a number of positive reviews from numerous people who have used our platform to do regular checkups and other tests. These heartwarming testimonials have over the time spurred us on to improve and beat our past records. Without a doubt, Checkup Laboratory has come to stay in Nigeria’s health sector and it is as timely as it is relevant.

What makes us different from many laboratories in Nigeria is the fact that we provide a lot of medical testing services under one roof. By this we mean that all tests are carried out in our fully equipped laboratory where there are diverse experts assigned to each kind of tests. So, patients are saved the costs of moving around to carry out specific tests needed to begin treatment. For the medical services that we do not render, we have outsourced hands readily on deck to be called in to assist.




  We also have a premium personalized checkup/management plan which would cover any individual or organizational medical tests requirements over time.

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